• “Matthew is clearly a talented craftsman—the dark moody cinematography was impressive as was the sound design and performances. I’m eager to see what he does next.”

    Ivan K. , Short of the Week (Upon reviewing “In this Myth of Vengeance”)
  •  “Matthew Rojas has such a clean and unique style of storytelling. An excellent mix of good scriptwriting and directing.”

    Marco Luca, Film Shortage
  •  “Matthew P. Rojas has established himself as a filmmaker with a unique and spiritual vision.”

    Nicholas La Salla, Forest City Short Film Review
  •  “What Rojas is able to do is pull out emotions with minimal dialogue, you actually feel for the characters. His style of filmmaking is perfect, both in visuals and in story.”

    Chase Lee, Reel Reviews
  • “Matthews ability to draw the real story out from his subject and tell a compelling story continues to be the success of this powerful artist.”

    Miche Traina, The Elements Group
Matthew Rojas is a Dallas-Based Filmmaker. His foundation of integrity, trust and respect has allowed him to continually create emotional work and more importantly challenge others to reach their fullest potential. Contact | e | [email protected]